Friday, October 26, 2007

PM Post

Ground hornets. What a new and strange concept to me. Imagine a big bed of angry fire ants with wings moving at the speed of light. And they have a tiny little target on you. It seems as if a critter (maybe an armadillo) dug up their nest and made them mad as... well hornets I guess. Along comes Spork, Ellie and 2 dogs and apparently we are a brilliant substitute for the cause of the destruction. In the end, both myself and Daisy got hit. I doused them good with a layer of sevin dust, but after half a day that still has had little effect on them. They are still pissed.

On a more embarrassing note, I guess I have to admit it: I have big red balls. And I sometimes pull them out in public. I got caught holding my big red balls today in Wal-Mart. I am so embarrassed.