I am not a lawyer, yet please consider this a legal disclaimer. If any I's are not dotted or T's are not crossed, it is purely due to ignorance on my part.

Any data found on this site or its sister sites (sporkintheeye.com, spork.in.the.eye.googlepages.com) shall in no way be considered authoritative for any entity. Any references to any entity living, dead or somewhere in the middle are most likely to be attempts at humor, sarcasm, opinion, lampoonery, caricature, satire and parody.

If you are offended or otherwise affronted, annoyed or displeased, I urge you to go back to the third grade and learn the "Sticks and Stones Principle", hence forth known as the SSP.

Any references to science or technology has probably not been fact checked beyond a bare minimum. And if you disagree then I urge you to create your own little slice of bloggy heaven and proclaim I am an idiot. (See, I already know the SSP.) But dont waste your time arguing with me or planning a legal attack. It just isnt worth it.
Any mail sent to the contact address on this site will be considered public and postable by me. I dont care if you have a disclaimer that says I cant do it. I have a disclaimer that says I can. In a world of pointless disclaimers I am disclaiming yours. If you don't want it posted, don't send it to me. Don't transmit something you don't want posted unencrypted over a public medium to an unknown person, ok? If your disclaimer is at the end of your email and is telling me what to do with it before I have read it, then just assume I did all that naughty stuff before I made it to your disclaimer. Ooopsy. I am the intended recipient even if you say I am not. How can I tell? Because my address right there in the headers.

Oh, and you probably also need to get a life.

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