Monday, November 19, 2007

November 12 - November 19, 2007

A batch update. This is laziness at its pinnacle. I am refining my laziness to a sharp point: Rush jamming on the jukebox, ass in chair. If I had a ponytail, it would be flopping back and forth. This week was a hodge podge of stuff: old friends from out of town were in. Flyboy Og and Johnbob were here. Johnbob even took me for a spin in his areo plane. See, here is a picture out the rear on takeoff:

and another out the front during takeoff:

Oops. You cant see so good out the front.... Just Johnbobs head. Lucky Johnbob. He just joined my Quitter's club. I think I will make him President, so I dont have to make all those annoying public appearances. He will be my puppet governing body for the club.

I also spent a good portion of time doing cleanup. It seems my parent's vacant lot in town was in violation of city code. (I.e., it was overgrown.) The city has a unique money-making scheme for notifying you of the violation. They stick a tiny 8x10 inch sign in the lot with some text on it like: "if you dont clean this up in 10 days, we will. And oh, we are going to bill you and how." So I spent 2 days dragging pickup load after pickup load out of there. Then I needed to get a tractor over there. Lucky for me, I have one. First I spent a day (and about $100) putting a brake controller in my Nancy truck. There aint no way I am pulling a tractor without brakes. I went and rented a trailer... only to find it had surge brakes, not electric brakes. Ah, well, I have a controller for next time. Let me assure you, they name them surge brakes for a reason: there is a constant surge, like a sine wave, of the trailer coming forward, applying its brakes, rolling backward. Wash, rinse, repeat. Anyway, the lot is finally in compliance with the law.

And I also resurrected FrankenFurniture (©Franken Enterprises). I have created Franken Runtstool. This is a stable, if not ugly, platform for refilling your birdfeeder or birdbath. Long live FrankenFurniture.