Monday, February 18, 2008


Ever been to a really long play or movie? You know, where they understand that it would be just plain exhausting to sit through the whole thing? Well, I am at that point with Nancy's dash.

Its really difficult to test in place, seeing as you pretty much have to disconnect all the electrics to even begin to move the dash, so it was probably over 90% in place before I hooked it up.

Good news first: the speedometer seems happy. It is an intermittent problem, so its hard to say if its fixed or just in a "working stage." My soldering iron is really too big for messing with circuit boards. It has a low heat setting, but the tip is clunky. Sort of like working on a watch with a crescent wrench. You might also notice in the picture that I managed to forget the beauty ring that goes around the instrument cluster, so there is a blinding white stripe at the bottom that lights up like a christmas tree when you turn the lights on.

The bad news is that the blend door only slightly works. The heat is pretty warm, but not hot. The AC is pretty cool but not cold. This tells me the motor is working the door, but it doesnt have full range of movement. Probably it is hanging on something.... which will eventually burn the motor out entirely if I leave it. So, while it is better, I feel like I have to go back in. Oh joy.

I also have to figure out how to hook stuff up enough so that I can test the door with the dash out.