Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike photoshoot

First things first: bugger the power. My freaking tractor is trapped under a 12 inch monster tree top. (I know it doesn't look that big in the photo. It is.)

Alternate viewpoint... There are a couple of small sheet metal dings on the hood, but for what this looked like, it really aint too bad.
Oh yeah... This is our power pole and meter. The wire sort of snakes across the ground under that same tractor tree. As a side note, one benefit of those newfangled electric meters that they can read remotely is that they can tell if your power is on. So they can close the ticket. If you have live power that is laying on the ground, they will continue to close the ticket because they can see the meter. Now that's progress.Hillbilly Electric company to the rescue! Climb up tree #1 and tie off rope. Run rope through eyes of power pole. Toss rope over branch of tree #2. Tie rope to tractor. Raise pole.
No good fix is complete without duct tape. Yes, I do see that crease in the conduit. Yes, I am curious as to the conditions of the wire beneath it.. Don't worry, I wrapped a shower curtain around the duct tape, so I am sure it is water tight.
Thar she is all a braced with them thar 2 b fors. Its hard to make out the rope still strung at the top, but its still there, holding us up.
And here is the company photo: Hillbilly Pire and Lite (HPL)


Kari said...

Ah, just listen to those banjos!

I believe you may be teetering on the edge of copyright infringement again. Those photos belong to Ellie Mae, who was sent out in the storm by HPL to take them. I charge one new kitten per posted photo.

LogoGirl said...

Lovin the free E tee - i just found mine in the garage the other day....

You are frugal!

Happy BDay, and enjoy the new kittens.