Monday, June 16, 2008

Message from the Board of Directors

We here at Spork Industries (a SporkCo Company) have made a decision to do away with the traditional "Rant" section on the left sidebar. Rest assured, you will still get your dosage of crazy lunatic rantings. The format of blogspot seems to lend itself better to actually including the rants inline as opposed to off to the side. This makes the RSSification (or is that Areessessification?) of the rants possible, as well as searching.

And with the new introduction of SporkTags® you can still find all the rantiness of both the minirant and the full fledged "Spit flying from my lower lip rant."

As for the existing rants, they will carefully be folded back into the existing Sporkives on the day of their rantastic introduction using time travel. We here at Spork Industries take the space time continuum very seriously and would not normally time travel for just any old reason. Time travel is serious business and has serious risks. But we, the members of the Board, feel the benefits in this situation outweigh the risks.


Og Make Blog said...

Is this the SporkCo that recently introduced the Sporkorific Makin' Bacon DIY kits? If so, I have some quality issues I would like to address to complaints department.

Oh, don't forget your towel.

Spork In the Eye said...

Quality issues? I'll have you know the Sporkorific Bacon is awesome.