Friday, November 13, 2009

I think I have a tear... in my eye

Let's ignore Taterize's love of socialized medicine for one brief shining moment. This demotivator photostream is teh awesome.

Spork silently bows his head in reverence.


bigjohn756 said...

Abstinence is absolutely, unequivocally, 100% effective! It is the only sure way to avoid STDs and pregnancy. His statement is poorly worded.

I guess that he is pissed about the fact that abstinence only sex education is farcical, and, the religious nuts insist on using it anyway just to make themselves feel better.

I think that abstinence should be strongly emphasized. After that, of course, the kids need some practical info for when real life steps in.

Spork In the Eye said...

It was actually the irreverent ones that gave me the fits and giggles...

Abstinence is effective. But it's not a reasonable goal. My ape-like Darwinian genes tell me I must participate in teh activity -- much in the same way I feel hungry and thirsty.

But certainly there is a maturity level that is desirable before the youngens just go hopping into bed willy nilly. One needs to have the ability to take care of progeny and the brains to know when to stop reproducing. One needs to have enough of that awful selfishness to know one's own worth -- and not use sex as a means to prove one's worth.

There's a whole host of stuff one should know... and a vast number of people never know it. Those that do figure it out do so after they are already active.

Wow. That was totally tangential, wasn't it?

Tatarize said...

The point is the people who go around saying abstinence is 100% effective (most don't go around saying that) also suppose that a woman who abstained from sex still got pregnant. The people who go around saying it all the time are the people who don't think it's really true. They (the people going around saying it) are the ones who don't believe it (because virgins can still have kids).

I guess it might be a bit poorly worded at points.

Og Make Blog said...

Well..... it is technically correct that a 'virgin' could end up pregnant.