Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Google stats

I have been noticing a bunch of (and by a bunch, I mean less than 10) people have started hitting my little slice of heaven by jumping straight into my rant on my Expedition blend door. I am guessing the little buggers are breaking off left and right, leaving my fellow Fordians with little choice between hot and cold air.

This made wonder... am I really that high on the google search? Sure enough, I show up as number 22. Whohoo! I made it! And my mom said I'd never amount to anything! [EDIT] It looks like I am number 10 now with more and more folks jumping in to the blend door page.

And, I have noticed a few jumped right in on the word "pretirement". I am #28 if you search for that.

But you cant beat me on Sporkives or Porkotini. I am number 1 there! Go team.

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