Thursday, July 17, 2008


Oh my god. Did anyone watch last night's episode of the Colbert Report? If not, drop whatever you are doing. I dont care if your job is related to national security. It cannot be as important. Watch it now.

Anyone that knows me a little knows there is almost nothing I like more than Rush (and no, I dont mean the fat guy with the big mouth). I used to take a week off work when they toured (and when I had a job) and claim it as a religious holiday. Being that is probably the closest I would get to religion, I thought it appropriate. Imagine my total surprise when I turn on Colbert today (TiVo you know) and there they are. Mind you they havent done an American TV show in over 30 years ... hell maybe never. And pretty much the whole show was devoted to them, which pretty much tells me they are fans of Colbert (and vice versa).

It didnt show the audience very much, but I could only expect it to be filled with older geeky guys with a big bald spot and a ponytail.


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