Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm stumped

Day 1

I like a project. Some of you may remember back about 3+ years ago I built a fine retaining wall in a futile attempt to save a big ass oak that was stepped on by a bulldozer. It probably took me 3 months to build it. (Not continuous, mind you. I was only in town about one day a month. And budget constraints had me buying bricks as money was available.) This was in the dark days before tractors. The wall tear down was done in no time at all. I might add that the build up was done by hand a bucket at a time. And at that time "bucket" meant a thing you carry -- not a thing on the end of a FEL.

The bricks have been squirreled away for a future project. The stump is ripe and ready to be picked. (This is a stump farm.) And, yes, this is the same stump that was made into a planter/fire ant condo. (The fire ants have moved in.)

Day 2

Wall gone and several yards of dirt moved. You may or may not be able to see numerous piles of dirt in the background -- each in a perceived low spot. At this point work is done with a shovel. I suspect Day 3 may look a whole lot like Day 2.


Og Make Blog said...

Just how many bumpers were scraped upon that wall?

Spork In the Eye said...

None, but you know how tight it was. That's another reason it is going.