Monday, November 3, 2008

oh thank heaven... its almost over

From my perch in the middle, it always seems like the Left and the Right are irrational on some level. The irrationality ranges from mild to severe. Imagine my surprise when I read a column from someone claiming to be from the Right that actually makes sense. Well played, sir.

If you are too lazy to read it, I will summarize: the sky is not falling. The world is not ending. The Right has been stupid.


Og Make Blog said...

You (and the nation) might just be unpleasantly surprised how effective a triumvirate can be. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi could push just about any agenda through Congress.

Not that the sky is falling, but all that hail and cold rain can be mighty uncomfortable for four years. I might just have to seek a warmer climate if the weather turns nasty.

Spork In the Eye said...

While I agree with you on some level... they'd have to work pretty hard to be worse than the current administration.

A trillion dollars of socialism is a pretty high bar to work toward.

Og Make Blog said...

Just look at the ones who voted for adding to the sum recently ... and turn them out, please. Down with 'Cornhole!' The audacity of the robocalling... and his wife pleading for him and saying he was against more spending ... how 'stuped' [sic] do you think I am? Purely rhetorical rant, I assure you.

Get ready, Spork..... the good thing is you can get some free goodies from Obamanation and maybe Chavez as we tank their direction ... you don't have a job, so you'll be OK.

Actually, here is the worst scenario, regardless of the winner: Deflation followed by inflation. Your asset value is wiped out, then you can't afford to keep up as hyperinflation sets in. Hell, even YOU might need to get a job, else you might end up assaulting passersby with your namesake.

By the way, the current administration IS Congress.... comprised of the last electorate from 2 years ago... mainly Democrats [Hello! Reid and Pelosi being the leaders!!.] The Prez can set the tone, persuade, and has the oft abused Executive Order privilege... along with judicial appointments. We are still living with the problems stemming from many of Clinton's 11th hour E.O.'s ... a record number, in fact. Some are speculating on a pretty fair number from the present lame duck.

The current presidential admin. cannot simply press legislation into effect (aside from E.O.) ... careful there... that sounds like something from an Obamanation supporter (uninformed, ignorant, unreasoning, and willing to lay blame solely upon the Prez.) I know you know better.

Unknown said...

What I can blame on the current imbecile:
o severely increased executive power
o contempt for the constitution
o reduced individual rights (pushing through patriot act, Gitmo, various internal electronic surveillance measures, etc)
o pushing hard for bailouts
o overspending any previous president (mostly via a silly war)
o he is the poster child for hate of America by Europe -- by the folks that used to like us. (Whether he deserves this or not, his bumbling combined with his cowboy attitude go a long way to make us ineffective.)
o and yes, a silly silly war. Silly not because Iraq was a freedom loving state. Silly because the reasons for it changed with the winds -- and always seemed manufactured. Silly because I don't care whether you want out or not: we are there for the long haul. (And if we pull out, the results will not be pleasant or peace loving.)

No, the president does not make law. I even had a rant about that. But I get tired of people thinking of the Right as "conservative." What do they try to conserve? Not money.

But my 2 choices (voted for neither of them) are approximately equal. They will both raise taxes (or debt, which is pretty much the same thing). They will both work to reduce individual rights.

Along that thread (though slightly off): ARI's view

Oh, and I gotta get a job someday anyway. Would prefer if my assets were still intact. If they aren't, I already have practice living low.