Monday, November 17, 2008

Didn't believe me?

For those that have never visited and doubt the validity of my profile location -- "In a metal shed in the woods" -- I offer you solid proof:

There she blows, complete with Ellie Mae's car, Sally the goat truck and a glimpse of Tilly the tractor. If you look hard enough you can even see the colored sheets placed over the plants in the garden to protect them from frost.

My buddy and college room mate JohnBob is in town. Back when we were room mates, I made him jealous by getting my private pilot's license. Now he often returns the favor by taking me putting around in his own damn plane. That dirty rotten bastard!

It almost sounds like the start of a great joke: What do 2 college educated, unemployed guys do instead of finding a job? Go flying. I gotta work on that punchline.

JohnBob has a sweet new radio stack.

You know there are too many lawyers on the planet when warning labels pronounce nothing but common sense. If you click on it, you can make it out, but let me spoil the surprise: "Caution: Leaking fuel caps can cause loss of fuel" REALLY? The saddest thing here is (a) this is probably there because someone didn't know that and died. (b) that person was smart enough to earn a pilot's license, but dumb enough not to know leaking fuel caps leak.
And because I know everyone on the planet shares the "joys of tractors" just the way I do: Here is the tractor store where I bought Tilly.
And another item from the wonderful and mysterious world of the tractor: The tractor auction. Sorry kids, this isn't auction weekend or the entire lot would be full to the brim with leaking, smoking, sick tractors with flat tires and worn out clutches. Grab some ether and get over there.And what tour of the city is complete without seeing "Jesus and the money lenders." Stop into the book store and purchase a T shirt or a big box of pamphlets. But hurry while the tiny struggling church only covers 10 acres. As you can see, it's about to double in size. Oh, and that building across the parking lot in the top right... yeah that's part of it too. It's okay they bulldozed all those houses. I am sure the property taxes from the church will be more than the city got from the houses.


Anonymous said...

Where do you keep YOUR airplane, Spork?

Spork In the Eye said...

(big sigh)

Kari said...

We could try to put wings on Tilly. Or maybe Sally. No, definitely Tilly. Sally is too prone to stalling.

Spork In the Eye said...

I think there might be an issue with weight-to-airspeed ratios. A 3000lb tractor with a 13 mph top speed is just not going to generate much lift.... But I am sure Og will pipe in here at some point with just the right formula to sort this all out. Get out your circular slide rulers everybody.

Anonymous said...

Now you've done it with your airplane talk and airborne photos. You've aroused an itch I try to keep subdued. Lost it a while back and took an hour of dual in a Maule with floats that kept landing out behind the house,'til I flagged him down. It's fun to always pick a "runway" that is perfectly upwind, for shooting touch and goes.

Spork In the Eye said...

Yeah it eats at me too. Its been 17 years since my last logged hour. (I had to go look.) That is definitely the thing I would do if I won the lottery. That and... well maybe build a house to live in.

But I have to remember the downsides of it too. I wouldn't say flying was THE REASON my first marriage failed. But it was surely a contributing factor. When your wife becomes jealous when you look at a plane flying by... that is a bad sign.

Anonymous said...

Picture is fake, it has been edit, you can see that how their is a question mark up in the tree between the cars, which proof that the pic has been changed, and no sign of the goats,

Mr Svenner