Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ellie makes fun of me

Okay, chicks can move right along. Don't bother looking. The reason here is that the sex appeal included below may be too much for you. Honest. I am warning you.

So Ellie makes fun of me. For lots of reasons really. But I just wanted to share 2 of them.

First off, she doesn't think much of my bubba bifocals. I don't know why. They work just fine.

Secondly, (and she is really to blame for this) for my snorific chinstrap. See, I snore something awful. And its starting to bother not just her but (gasp) me. I would wake up in the morning so dull and lifeless (and yes, more dull and lifeless than usual) that it would take an hour to really come to consciousness. And yes, I am fully aware this is really hard on me. I started looking into a do-it-yourself CPAP. Do you know you have to have a freaking prescription to buy a CPAP? Now I could make my own with an air compressor and a bit of bubba engineering. And that might actually be dangerous. I mean if the pressure was 140 PSI, I might bust a lung. But I cannot imagine why a CPAP needs a prescription and hence a hugely expensive sleep study. I mean, we're easily talking 4 or 5 grand here.

There is also a little bit of evidence to suggest that serum cholesterol is actually affected by apnea. (No, not bacon, apnea. That's my theory and I like it a lot so shut up.)

So I went with a chin strap. And yes, more than just looking sexy... it actually seems to work somewhat.

I warned you it was sexy.


Kari said...

I can't believe you're posting that. Are you looking for stalkers?? No woman will be able to resist the chin strap/bubba-focal combo!

Spork In the Eye said...

You think I dont know that? And I could have any one of them in a minute. You remember that missy!

Ragtime Joe said...

test -- got it -- ignore earlier questions