Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Odd coincidence. My uncle had just emailed me a photo of the fauna he found on his property. (Note copyright violation: this photo was totally used without permission.) Ellie Mae id'ed it as a garden spider. I explained to Uncle Joe how I had an affinity for spiders... they eat all the awful bugs that I personally don't care for. Nieces and other assorted femalia often are off put by my tendency to save them. In fact, Ellie Mae calls me Jesus of Spiderus. I'll walk in the room and see a tupperware container turned upside down on the floor. That's the international symbol for "if you don't put this thing outside I am going to squish it."
Years of spider salvation. And last night they pay homage to me and return the favor, trapping my arch enemy and leaving it wriggling half alive like a good kitty leaving a headless rat on the back porch. Note that this is precisely where my feet are when I wash dishes.

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Kari said...

You forgot to mention that I had vacuumed that spiderweb about 6 hours before that, apparently missing the spider. So your little minion rebuilt and saved you in a very short time.