Monday, April 7, 2008

Okay, this takes a little setup explanation for those of you that dont live in my neck of the woods. You may think there are lots of nutto religious extremists where ever you live, but if you don't live in Warren Jeff's compound, I think I may have you beat.

There is this one vet's office we drive by almost every single day on the way to/from town. And instead of something "normal" on his marquee like "Merry Catmas and a Barky new year" or "Vet Techs needed, apply inside" -- he has really really bizzarro religious nutty stuff. In many cases, the sign doesnt even make syntactical sense -- almost like written by Yoda it was.

I almost peed myself with fits and giggles over his current sign:

Now there are multitudes of reasons why this is funny... and it mostly is because this sign is so absolutely true.

  • The logically implied corollary of this is "Love that IS based on love of god first is self loathing in disguise".
  • Not so implied, but more explicit is the idea that love of self is evil and wrong. Any local shrink could pull in the big bucks trying to cure this sort of self esteem problem. It's going to take more than a couple of hours on the couch.
  • This could have almost been a line from a Francisco d'Anconia or Hank Rearden speech on the true meaning of romantic love.

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