Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dust... No, not the kind from the Golden Compass

...though if you've never read Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials, I can recommend it. Don't bother with the movie. Oh, and be warned: this is possibly the most sacrilegious blasphemy ever written. And I say that as a compliment, not as a criticism.
In a semi-conscious effort, I am going to attempt something a little less ranty and a little more geeky. Anyway, my client computer (does it really count as a server/client setup when you have one server and one client?) went into alarm yesterday with an overheat. Let's look at the graph, shall we?
I am amazed at what a small amount of dust (and I've seen large amounts! This was small in comparison) will do. 1 minute of air blast at 30 psi dropped 20 degrees Centigrade. That's some serious heat.

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