Saturday, October 3, 2009

Roman Pole and Ski

[Perhaps a more appropriate title would have been "Roman Bone and Skate" ... since that is more exact vernacular... but I truly thought that was too much of a stretch for people to get. See, I do edit sometimes.]

As always, what is interesting to me is not the actual stuff that happens. It's the failure to generalize. That seems to be a real theme for me. We all know what happened. It's been in the news for 30 plus years. Roman gives hottie teenager booze and drugs. Roman bones hottie teenager. Roman confesses and is convicted. Roman jumps bail. Like I said: that story just isn't all that interesting.

And, to be honest, I've had a lifelong wishy washy feeling about statutory rape. I mean, I get it: it's wrong to bone a child. But let's be honest: there are some 13 year olds that are actually pretty mentally mature. And, furthermore, there is an ever growing pool of twenty-somethings that are still mental children. And I've been that 18 year old boy looking at jailbait very near my own age -- knowing that the girl was technically "more mature" than I was by physical, emotional and developmental scales and "less mature" only by legal scales.

And many, many cultures just don't have a problem with "under 18's" having sex. For grins, just check out the ages of consent over North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. You'll see that the ages are all over the board. And, in fact, it wasn't so long ago in the US that it was not uncommon for 13 to 16 year old girls to be married. So California's age of consent of 18 is really sort of an arbitrary number we've all sort of just had to agree on.

What is interesting (to me) is the Hollywood outrage over his arrest. And it's interesting for multiple reasons. Hollywood is aghast that someone would be so crass as to arrest this poor genius so long after we've put this all behind us. After all, he's a genius. Did I mention he was smart and really good at what he does? But, in our current culture and time, tell me exactly what Hollywood elites would think if it were Spork in this predicament instead of Mr. Pole-and-ski?

I can give you a hint... it would have most definitely turned out differently. I would have been charged with providing alcohol and drugs to a minor. I would have been charged with statutory rape. And I would most likely have been charged with real, honest-to-goodness "rape rape" (to steal a phrase from Whoopi-cushion Goldberg.) In almost every description of "rape rape" I have seen, giving someone (over 18) booze and drugs to get sex is classified as rape. And while that may shed a dark shadow on margarita night with the wife, it is most certainly universal in law.

And how would the Hollywood elite have felt if convicted child rapist Spork skipped bail and left the country? Would they be aghast if I was one day apprehended?

The answer to all of these (extremely) theoretical questions is pretty obvious. I doubt entirely that Whoopi-cushion or Debbie Winger would come to my defense. And just as a pre-emptive strike -- I publicly declare that if I am ever charged with a sex crime, Woody Allen is not to speak in my favor even if I am innocent. I just don't think the dude that married his daughter provides a whole lot of moral fuel to any cause. (But in Mr. Allen's defense: He is a genius and an artist.)

It's this same stupid, obnoxious thread of ideas that always lets the movie star and professional athlete get away with anything and everything... And the same ideas that even bubble down to looking the other way while our high school quarterbacks take their liberties with the law. If it's the law, it's the same law for Hollywood, football players and for Spork.

Now let's generalize one step further out -- because that was really where I was heading, even if the road was a winding one. Can you remember just a week ago when Hollywood moralists were telling us how we, as Americans, are morally responsible for the health care, housing, education and feeding of each and every citizen and/or non-citizen that happens to be standing on our soil? Remember how Hollywood elites strut with their noses in the air and tell us exactly how our money will be spent on their ideas of goodness and morality?

Yes, it's ad hominem. But it still works.


bigjohn756 said...

Do you mean to tell me that you have to give Ellie May Margaritas to get...what you want?

Spork In the Eye said...

I plead the 5th.

bigjohn756 said...

A whole 5th? Is that before or after the drinks are mixed?

Og Make Blog said...

Damn! There go my plans for the evening .....

Chris said...

While I agree that no one should be above the law, I have two issues with this case:

1. The whole thing would have ended satisfactorily for all involved if the original judge and deputy DA did not go back on their word given at the plea bargain... and change the sentence.

2. One has to wonder why, after almost 30 years of not doing much, the US is suddenly all over the guy... definitely smells of some hidden agenda.

Og Make Blog said...

Well, the night wasn't a total loss, and yes, she was well over the age of majority, before anyone gets any ideas......

Oh, Chris: They have been after him for 30 years... they just aren't that good. He was missed by days usually, since Polanski was known to change plans at the last minute and never telegraphed his intentions. Some brilliant agent (sarcasm) noticed the publicity for the tribute event in Switzerland, so it was known he would appear and they had a solid schedule. A fairly open agenda in my book.

I think he'll be happy in the end, as impropriety has been noted with the reneged deal.

Spork In the Eye said...

I just don't like the idea of him getting the sweetheart deal in the first place. I assure you -- anyone here would not get the same deal for the same actions. I suspect the original renege of the deal was related to perceived public uproar.

LogoGirl said...

I don't think the deal was reneged - he just heard from a source that is "was going to be reneged", and didn't wait around to find out.

Had the plea not gone as agreed to, he could have rescinded his guilty plea and gone to trial.

Come on! He sodomized a 13 year old. This isn't just a a "i didn't realize she was young" case.

LogoGirl said...

I also read somewhere, but i cannot find the source, that he had brainiac lawyers trying to get the case dismissed earlier this year and one of the arguments was based on them not pursuing him.