Friday, October 26, 2007

AM post

DVD download status: 52.5% in 23 days. It looks like I will have it by Christmas! The link seems to be dying sometime during the night most nights (or the ppp layer dies, which effectively means the link is dead). This really puts a stick in the spokes.

I finally had to put another $250 into my $25 goat truck. The tires just gave up the ghost. I had 2 flats in one day (not even an hour after I had just aired everything up). A cheap set of tires later and she is back on the road.

I have about 5 possibie job irons in the fire. The prospects vary from "very unlikely" to "theoretically possible." I had one interview about a week ago that was very hopeful. It was the most low-key, comfortable job interview I have ever had... short of the one I had by Peter's pool back around 1985. I had about 30 things in common with the guy interviewing me and we talked as much about tractors as we did the job opportunities. And, if it were to work out, it would be working for a company that had money. This would be a totally new thing for me. No more midnight hardware requisitions.