Monday, October 15, 2007

October is Fedora Month. Is that because it won a major award as the greatest operating system ever? No. Is it because that the installed base has finally outshadowed that of Microsoft WIndows? No. Is it because it is the most secure OS in the history of mankind? No. It is because it will take me the entire month to download it. I actually opened a bug report (or a future feature request) to drag Fedora back into the 1990s and abandon the current century. It is currently being delivered only on DVD. This means you need (1) a DVD reader/writer and (2) bandwidth. I dont mean you need one or the other, I mean you need both. Those poor bastards with 10 year old computers and dial up will spend October downloading. Like me. Thank god for bittorrent... It at least allows me to resume my downloads. Dont ask if you can mail me a DVD... I dont have a DVD reader. Plus I am starting to feel like I am actually going to get it eventually.