Friday, March 28, 2008

What the hell? Ok, I am actually serious this time. Honest. No smartass.

Probably about a year ago there was this sound outside late at night. Its really chilling. (Mostly this is because it was night and you dont know what the hell it is.) It sounds like a large dog in pain screaming every few seconds. I got the big ass spotlight out and could see eyes lit up on the ground about 300 feet away. It went on for a while and eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I started heading for it.... and it went running and disappeared into the night.

Earlier this week I hear the same thing. I mean the exact same thing. Unable to spot it. Again at night.

And now tonight I go out... a little after 11pm and I hear it. And it is right friggin behind the house (shack). I mean right there. Its loud. We grab the spotlight and I am somewhat able to record the sound with a cell phone. (I know the recording is crappy and poppy.)

This is what we know:

  • It is out at night.
  • It has reflective, forward facing eyes. The eyes appear to reflect white if that matters.
  • It is a quadruped.
  • It moves like the freaking wind when it runs.
  • It makes this creepy sound.
  • It can run through brush and leaves without making a sound.

Our best guesses:

  • Ferel pig (though I aint never heard a hog make that noise)
  • Some sort of wildcat
  • Some sort of wild canine.
  • Space aliens
  • Murderers that run on all fours
  • Demons and/or goblins
  • Domesticated hyena set free by some PETA do-gooder

Any real ideas?