Sunday, January 6, 2008

So after seeing some highlights of last night's debates, I think it is time to travel to New York...

Socialist Party: Hillary Clinton - If I have to choke on her "experience" one more time, I think I will puke. I heard her claim 35 years of experience just last night. Now I am not 100% sure, but I think it is really not kosher to put your spouse's experience on your resume. If so, then I guess I am an avid gardener and I should probably hire out Ellie Mae as a Unix geek. Last I checked, she had 8 years, which isnt shabby... but it isnt 35. Unless, of course, Bill brought her in on all his decisions... which would be impossible, since she didnt have a security clearance. And telling her the country's secrets would be treason. (Though, it should be noted that based on the current administration's handling of the Plame affair, that form of treason gets your 2nd in command's assistant in trouble for lying under oath. It is not dangerous to you. And no one really gets tried for leaking the secrets.)

My main issue with Hillary, other than I hate her politics, is that she is just so damned unlikeable. She talks to her audience as if they are a bunch of retarded 3rd graders and are just too stupid to understand her brilliance. Oddly enough, Bill Clinton could tell you "I am going to have sex with your wife. Why dont you walk the dog around the block until you see my limo is gone." And about the 4th lap around the block you would still be thinking what a nice guy he was. And as far as conservative fiscal policies, he was more conservative than any conservative since Reagan.

Repugnantcan Party: Rudy "Nine Eleven" Giuliani - His slogan should be "you could do worse." (Call me if you want to license that, Rudy.) He really aint so bad, but the whole harping on 9/11 every 4th sentence makes me suspicious. It makes me think he will be a fear mongering guy like the current administration.