Saturday, January 5, 2008

Patriotic election coverage continues

Today's commentary is on...

Socialist Party: John Edwards - So remember back to high school. There was this guy that was so self absorbed and so caught up in himself that he couldn't pass a mirror without stopping to admire his own beauty. He always had every hair in place and a big plastic fake smile. There was nothing genuine about him and nothing positive you could really say. Well... this is that guy. The only added bonus here is that this is one of the most wealthy guys on the planet and he makes his living telling us how much he hates wealthy people. That leads me to believe he either hates himself (which is seriously possible in the socialist ranks) or he is a liar that will say anything to be elected.

Repugnantcan Party: Mitt Romney - um, this is the same guy as the one above, except for the other party... and he hasnt made as big a deal about hating the wealthy.